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MyLoveTails Silken Flame Drogon

Link to retired queen Candy & her litters:  Candies; USA; Star Wars

Links to Asha and her past litter of Kittens: RagTime; Clues; Star Trek; Grease

Links to Java’s:  Jedis; Buffy; Candies; Dolls; & Coffee 

Links to Padme and her past litters of kittens: Spices; Panthers; & Gamers.



Ragdolls are large, docile cats that love to be with people. They are sweet-faced and muscular, with an overall impression of elegance and balance. They have a medium-long, non-matting coat with a soft texture like rabbit fur that is easy to maintain. Ragdolls were developed in California in the 1960‘s.

My Love Tails

My Love Tails cattery has closed. I will no longer have any litters available for sale.


My Ragdolls are my family.  My Ragdolls all get along well with each other and have the run of my house and are dearly loved.  

I am in South Central Wisconsin. 

My cattery is registered with A.C.F.A. and with T.I.C.A. as “My Love Tails”, but is now closed.



(608) 234-1929

My Loves

Loved Beverage:   Java

Love Life: Asha

Loved Queen: Padme

Loved Automobile: Bentley

Loved Sweet: Dove

Loved Game Clue:

Miss Scarlet I will no longer have any litters available for sale.


My Ragdoll Family  Names

Kings: Hugo & Bentley

Queens:  Dove &

                  Miss Scarlet

Princesses: Saffron & Pepper